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I was regretting the past 
And fearing the future. 
Suddenly my Lord was speaking: 

“My name is I am” 

He paused. 
I waited. He continued. 
“When you live in the past 
with its mistakes and regrets, 
it is hard. I am not there. 
My name is not I WAS. 

When you live in the future, 
With its problems and fears, 
It is hard: I am not there, 
My name is not I WILL BE. 

When you live in this moment, 
It is not hard. I am here. 
My Name is I AM.” 

……Helen Mallicoat

Lord Jesus, We believe that through your death on the cross that you set us free from sin and gave us eternal life. We believe that is true; but I am not sure if we truly understand it. One thing we do know is that being Christian means that real happiness comes through embracing our own “crosses”- that is the difficult parts of our lives – and that we do this out of love for God and for each other.

Lord we know you took the cross on your shoulders and gave yourself up to death for our sakes. Help us bear the crosses of our lives so that we can better carry them with courage. We know you will be there to help us when the going gets tough. In times of trouble help us turn to you to ease our burden. Help us to trust in you at all times and let go of our anxiety and fear.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you with a great deal on our minds. We have feelings of frustration, worry, anger, loneliness, and many other emotions, all of which are normal during this period in our lives when we fail to turn our burdens over to you. Lord, we know that it is hard for any of us to turn control of our lives over to you. Please help us lift our burdens up to you so that our load may be lightened. We ask that you would fill this room and our hearts with the Holy Spirit, that you would guide us on how one turns the job search over to you. We know that you have a plan for each one of us, a plan to prosper and one that will give us hope and a future. We know that plan includes a job that you have already written our names on. We ask for the strength and peace only you can give. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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St. Gerard Majella

          Career Development Series
          Comunication and Human Behavior
When: Tuesday, April 18, 7:15-8:30pm
Where: St Gerard Majella
          Catholic Church Building 2005,
          Parish Meeting
          1971 Dougherty Ferry Rd,
          St.Louis, MO 63122 Room 224
Please join us at our next Career Development Workshop, where Jason Mainard will lead an interactive discussion that focuses on ways to improve your communication skills. At this meeting, Jason will discuss the critical importance of asking questions and will provide numerous examples of “what” to ask and “how” to ask it. In addition, Jason will explain the “Pain Funnel” and how it allows you to become a better problem solver. Anyone involved in sales knows the importance of asking the right questions but these techniques can also improve communication with your boss, colleagues, clients and even your family. This is a class you should not miss.

Jason Mainard has 20+ years of training and leadership experience. He has 10+ years of solid sales, sales management and marketing experience including sales trainer with one of the nation’s largest home builders. Jason's sales and training experience enables him to offer a real world perspective to his clients. Jason has a strong passion for helping people obtain their goals and succeed in their careers.

This is the third and final meeting at which Jason has volunteered to speak about career development topics. We are very thankful and believe you will find his learning objectives to be critically important to you in your career development. And don’t forget, there is never any cost for our service.

We hope you will join us so we can continue to help and support each other! If you have questions or would like to help, please contact:
Steve Jones , or Ann Weinerth or Nick Wnuk or Barbara Axmacher

Our BJC talent acquisition team is hosting the second annual BJC Virtual Career Fair on Feb. 22 from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. We will bring together recruiters, hiring managers and potential job candidates in a convenient, online environment. Registration for the event is now open, and I invite you to share this career fair information with your teams, family members and friends. We will use BJC Today, BJCnet and local e-newsletters to ask our current team members to share Virtual Career Fair information with their friends and family who may be interested in making their career better at BJC. Employees may even be eligible for a referral bonus if they refer a career fair guest who is hired. This event is not intended for current employees looking for internal job opportunities. We will promote the event for people outside of our organization using several external channels, including our BJC Talent Network, digital radio, social media and career sites. Guests will access the online event using their computer or mobile device from any location. They will be able to:
  • Visit 25 virtual booths dedicated to different career fields.
  • Chat live online with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Get real-time answers to questions.
  • Learn about BJC Total Rewards.
  • See how they can make their career better at BJC.
We ask of you: please invite your friends and family who may be interested in a career opportunity at BJC to attend our Virtual Career Fair and register in advance at Unemployed??? Visit and sign up for CEN's periodic job postings on the Home Page.

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Holy Spirit

CEN welcomes Holy Spirit, Maryland Heights, as their newest CEN parish, offering support for employment seekers. If you are looking for work or would like to volunteer your help for our newest startup, contact Jeff Pattison , 314-853-6197.

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All job seekers are invited to contact any CEN parish for job support information. Just check links under Parishes.